Welcome Home

First, I would like to apologize to my readers for my grand hiatus. I got lost in several life events and just didn’t have the time to write. Then, I struggled with finding words, that flashing vertical bar on word is intimidating! I am trying to find my voice again, trying to find that new inspiration. I began this blog because writing was an essential part of my being and I missed it. I returned to my haven, my world of writers, for this very reason. I miss it, sorely.

Once I returned (after several failed logins because remembering a password you haven’t used in months is hard), I was immediately welcomed back. I felt the warmth of creation flow into my finger tips and I wanted to write this as a formal welcome back to usher in the new year. Welcome back, creativity. Welcome back, urge to write. Welcome back to the world of WordPress where magic rests in typed words and the support of fellow writers.

Thank you for being patient and continuing to support me with every like, comment, and follow! I will open the new year with new poems and ideas!



Latin cadences calling,

Echoing off the marble walls that are plated in gold.

Light beating at the window panes,

A diaspora of colors,

 Reds, oranges, blues,

Sinking to the cold marble,

Clasping beads,

It calls to me.

My heart lifts with their voices,

Falls with their chanting.

Tears rise,

Fears fall.

Sorrow replaces all.

Knees pressed into the floor,

Painfully gripping a wooden pew.

Sing for me,

Lift me up.

How can I call to you?

Will you even listen?

My head hangs as I call,

Fearing to meet your eyes.

My hands eagerly stretch,

I yearn for guidance.

Like a child,

I am lost.

Like an orphan,

No one can guide me.


I wish my mouth knew

The words of the Latin Cadence

That my heart obviously has memorized.

It feels like a clouded memory…

I once had wings…

All I want is to fly again,

Singing those Latin cadences.

Chanting those Latin cadences.

Life of a Snowflake

Small and tender, it is born.Having no fear, it jumps out of the sky,

But, it flies

Flies gently through the sky with family.

Alive, it clings to the earth, nesting.

Thriving in the cold where others cannot.

It’s alive in the darkness

Alive in the cold.

Reflecting in the moonlight,

Muffling the pollution of human noise.

Sparkling until death comes.

Then, it runs liquid and warm.

The life of a snowflake 


My heart stolen

By a thief, so swiftly, so sweetly.

Comfortable, careless, he made me.

Walls destroyed with his touch.

I felt the center of attention, 

Loved, warm, protected.

Not the target of a predator. 

But still, he left me, and with him he took,

My stolen heart. 

I am so sorry for not keeping up! I kind of fail at being a member of this community. Life’s got me in shambles right now! I’ll try to post at least weekly. I am not disillusioned as to think I’ll be able to post daily while school’s in. So sorry! –Alice

Van Gogh

Starry night

Swirls of grey,

Tones of blue,

Highlights of yellow hue.

My paint brush poised,

Canvas blank,

Inspire me. Shut out the voices

Of lending criticisms.

Open the doors

To you,

Starry night.

Floating, falling,

Dancing in curves.

Paint brush leaving

Patterns of spiraling worlds.

The darkness

Matching, mirroring

The dull throb of my

Soul crying for more

Starry night.

Calming, quiet,

Aching for you.

Paint me in circles,

I’ll surely follow you

Leading me through my blue

With golden light hues.

Trapped in a forever

Starry night.

Okay, first posted poem and my nerves are fluttering! Deep sigh, alright, I hope you like it 🙂